Established in 1995,
Computer-Aided Drafting & Design Solutions Company in Malaysia


APPLIED GRAPHICS SDN BHD is a progressive and rapidly expanding Computer-Aided Drafting & Design Solutions Company in Malaysia .

Our Mission

To distribute CADD Software Solutions and provide Customised Support Solutions & Services to our customers to increase their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness with profitable returns to both our customers and our shareholders.

Our Business

APPLIED GRAPHICS is a focussed solutions provider in the local PC Desktop CADD, Multi-Media Industry. APPLIED GRAPHICS’s market strategy aims at producing the broadest selection of CADD & MM products and support services synchronizing software, hardware and peripherals for the cost-effective CADD network. It’s integration approach offers our customers a wide array of options all under one roof.

Founding Background

Mr. Arthur Gan started promoting CAD solutions since 1987 and has always been his policy to promote cost-effective systems to increase efficiency and productivity and has continued to seek software solutions that meet the changing economic conditions of his clients.

He started Applied Graphics in 1995 to focus his attention to providing CAD solutions across the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry and was appointed by Visio Corporation in 1998 to distribute the first IntelliCAD 98, the unrivalled Autodesk AutoCAD-compatible software at 20% the price of AutoCAD with 80% the functionality, in Malaysia .

Through his understanding of software solutions and his accumulated experience and constant contact with international CAD developers and local CAD specialists, he extended his consultancy services in IntelliCAD/ AutoCAD training, Multimedia development and Facility Management projects to every intended customers.

In the early years promoting AutoCAD training, he worked closely with Autodesk to provide AutoCAD software to Universities and Polytechnics and represented as an Authorised Value-Added Reseller in setting up the first AutoCAD Authorised Training Center in Malaysia .

Besides providing assistance in setting up AutoCAD training in the government and commercial sectors, he has also personally conducted AutoCAD training classes for his clients.

With his understanding of integrating software and hardware solutions, he has initiated, setup and coordinated a team of desktop artists, 2D and 3D animators, authoring editor, digital compositor and script writers to deliver successfully Multimedia presentation projects for clients that includes Capital Square, KL Mutual fund, Ericsson Academy, Bukit Cahaya, Sungeiway Construction and even jointly published an educational CD in Science syllabus.

He now endeavours to work towards equipping every Malaysians, young or elderly, with the industry training of affordable Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to take them towards a computer skilled knowledge-based society to be more competitive in today’s global information technology economy and revolutionary age!

Training Facility and Approach

APPLIED GRAPHICS currently provides CADD & Multimedia software training through our business partners equipped with comprehensive training facilities setup in conducive training environment.

The training approach consists of 3 key components, ensuring participants will receive a comprehensive working knowledge of the relevant application software. They are :-

  • A hands-on training, providing participants a “learning by doing” experience;
  • An application-oriented approach, encouraging participants to apply their training to everyday needs;
  • Usage of case studies to help participants understand and appreciate the practical uses of computer application

Furthermore, classes are kept small, whereby each participant is equipped with a CADD workstation. This would also ensure that each participant would receive individual attention.

Support User Group

The Support User Group’s main objective is to develop a closer relationship between CADD users, APPLIED GRAPHICS and our principal developers. Other benefits include :-

  • A closer connection with an invaluable source of support, that is, local and international proof of professional CADD users. They are peers who can give you honest advice on what to do as well as what not to do because they’ve already been through the battle.
  • Cross comparing on issues ranging from workgroup productivity measurement through to industry-wide standardization of CADD layering and materials specification. From practical application tips through to future CADD advancements.
  • Last but not least, a unity among local CADD users that will let us communicate our requirements and concerns to international CADD hardware manufacturers and software developers.

Furthermore, classes are kept small, whereby each participant is equipped with a CADD workstation. This would also ensure that each participant would receive individual attention.